How did you get started doing this. Wooden boats in Montana?

The best part about this job is that I can work with my family and always have. Starting with my father and stepfather, teaching me design and everything boats, respectively, (and my mother teaching me everything else, hi mom) I am now working with my wife Vedra and my two daughters. Vedra and I started making boats in a garage in Whitefish and now we are doing it in several much bigger garages. 

Here's the boat I spent a lot of time on as a kid: Sinopah


Sinopah was built in 1924 by the Great Northern Railway to take passengers across a couple of big lakes in Glacier National Park. My father ran the boat for 35 years. He taught me to scrape bilges, paint, varnish, tinker, plank, caulk, and generally fix things.

Here's the sad view I had growing up as "boat people" in Montana.

The Two Medicine Valley


The boathouse


It was a tough place to spend time, luckily I was able to do it and maintain my sanity, especially when I was able to bring my own family up there.


But now we are in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Mt. and near the banks of the Yellowstone river where we spend as many days as we can.