Classic style skiff

The skiff is a very basic flat bottomed hull that is not much different that a very wide jon boat without the strakes. It has a very wide front end which allows a shallow amount of rocker and a slightly narrower aft end with a little more rocker allowing the hull to lift up over the current. At 55" wide it is very stable although the very low sides do not make it conducive to having stand up kneebraces. The basic idea of a skiff is to get rid of all the extras to make it very simple and allow one to fish very effectively from a sitting position. Three pedestals and a side shelf with integrated rod storage (along with lack of kneebraces) allow for ease of movement throughout the boat, even while underway. Weight is approx. 230 lbs finished.

Big Recurve style skiff

The next evolution of the skiff came about as an effort to increase the legroom that results from the usually flat front end of most skiffs. My idea was to take the same floor plan of my Freestone Skiff and widen it slightly and make it slightly longer by adding my rounded transom to the downstream end. It turned out as my favorite boat to fish from and works very well. Still very light at 275 lbs, it floats very high, is low profile and easy to get in and out of, has full length rod holders and the three pedestals provide walk around access front and back.

Small Recurve style skiff

This is a small Recurve Skiff I built for a customer about 4 years ago who wanted a car toppable small boat for small lakes and streams. It ended up being about 80 lbs, 3' wide and 10' long. Not suitable for standing up while moving it nevertheless rows quite well and seats two adults. No plans available.